What it’s like to be recruited by Mactaggart & Mickel

14 February 2020

Blog by Rebecca Sanders, Architectural Manager
Location: Cheltenham

The interview process
First impressions matter and even more so when you’re interviewing for a new role. As a candidate you obviously need to make a positive impact, but, in today’s job markets, organisation needs to make a good impression too.

I had my first discussion with Mactaggart & Mickel over Skype, then was flown to their Glasgow head office for an in-depth interview. To prepare, I visited Mactaggart & Mickel’s first Oxfordshire housing development in Milton-under-Wychwood to familiarise myself with their housing stock.

It was the right thing to do, not just because I work in architectural design, but also because it demonstrated my willingness to learn more about Mactaggart & Mickel than simply reading their website.

A warm welcome
So I got the job! I thought it might be interesting to share my perspective of the induction process, or onboarding as it is sometimes called.

The contract arrived by post together with a leather-bound Welcome Pack with a host of information such as job description, Key Performance Indicators, contact details for colleagues, plus HR information about annual leave, bonuses, policies and procedures, and so on. The information was clear, well-presented and it certainly left me with a positive impression of a professional company. There was a separate section on pay and benefits, such as pension, private health provision, occupational health and so on, as well as the most recent annual report.

Within my pack I was also provided with a 4-week induction programme that detailed exactly where I would be working and the areas I would be covering to enable me to get to know the company.

The First Week
I spent my first week in Glasgow at Mactaggart & Mickel’s head office, meeting not only my colleagues within the Architectural team, but many other colleagues too. This helped me work out who does what, and how the different roles come together to deliver on the business objectives.

I shadowed a colleague, Nicola, who talked me through my role in more detail. The induction programme detailed who I would be meeting and when, so I could see how the week was mapped out. This included an hour with the CEO, Ed, which I was not expecting. Ed quickly put me at ease and was genuinely interested in my experience and career to date. All the directors are very ‘open door’ in their approach. I felt very much part of the team from that first week, which was a great feeling.

Getting down to work, my architectural colleagues briefed me on our current and future sites in Oxfordshire. They showed me the systems they use and where to find everything. It’s great they are always on hand via phone, email or Skype if I need guidance on the Mactaggart & Mickel way of doing things.

Week Two
As I am based in the Cheltenham office, I spent the second week of my induction there. It’s a smaller team and once again everyone made me so welcome. I had worked with one of the team members before, in a previous role, so it was lovely to catch up. I had induction meetings with the England team and remained in regular contact with my Glasgow mentor Nicola, who came down to show me around the new sites.

While the structured part of the induction was complete after two weeks, the lovely thing is that the support continues. For example, Nicola and I meet regularly in Glasgow and in Cheltenham. I am gradually getting to know everyone and what they do.

My key work priority has been getting the brochure, drawing packs and sales packs ready for our Childrey Park site at East Challow. That’s now done and they are looking great.

I catch up every two weeks with Joanne Casey, Managing Director at Mactaggart & Mickel. She is very helpful and always receptive to my ideas, which is so encouraging when you are in a new role.

In fact, everyone, from the construction site teams, to head office staff, has taken the time to get to know me. I really cannot imagine a more positive onboarding experience and I am excited about being part of the Mactaggart & Mickel family while developing my career.




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